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Roco Ranger

Roco Ranger is a creature capturing game that lets you experience the beginning of an adventure with a level 1 Roco, up to strategic boss battles with champions. Explore the route and you will run into wild Rocos to battle and catch for yourself.  Train your Rocos and teach them new moves. Do you have what it takes to become a Roco Ranger?

What you'll recieve

Why should you buy?

A great game experience for a low price.

Perhaps you are familiar with creature capturing games. Roco Ranger brings this experience in a condensed game. Roco Ranger was created as a solo experience. Multiplayer creates interaction between players and possible battles, but you are always very much focused on your own adventure. As a print & play we save on manufacturing and shipping cost, which makes Roco Ranger very affordable. 

Environmentally friendly product that’s delivered fast.

The environmental foodprint of Roco Ranger is kept very minimal. Printing at home is better for the environment but also makes the proces much faster. We will deliver the game in about a month after the campaign ends. 

Support a small business with big dreams.

Roco Ranger is our first project. We have bigger plans for this game but decided to keep it simple and see if we will get the support we need to continue. A dedicated team worked long and hard on this game and your support would mean a lot. All funds we collect are directly used to improve Roco Ranger (by adding more monsters, moves and routes) as well as bringing new projects to life.

Proud member of Board Game Geek!

Roco Ranger is on boardgame geek! 

Proud to say, our rating is 7.8!


How to play:


Rules for Roco Ranger will be available in English and Dutch. Community translations allow us to also share the game rules in German, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian.


Your Unique Roco

When you make a Champion or Master pledge you will receive unique Roco(s). Choose the element and starter, common or rare. You will receive three options to choose from. You also get to name this unique species of Roco.



After the campaign ends we expect to deliver the core game within a month time. Stretchgoals and your unique Roco might take extra time, depending on the succes of the campaign. We strive to deliver as fast as possible.

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