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a unique print & play experience

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About us

At Rolling Rhino Games we create board games that can be printed and played at home. Printed in full sheets so no cutting or crafting is needed. These games offer an experience you would usually find in a bigger box. In this way we save on global shipping, which impacts the production costs and environment. We want to make our games affordable and accessible to everyone. They are lightweight, making them perfect as gateway games and also offer strategic depth for expert players. Our diverse and talented team strives to bring joy and excitement to all tables. 


Our team

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Lead Designer

As a teacher Martin learned how people learn, what engages them and how to create entertainment.



Marketing & Web Design

Travelling all over the world and working on creative projects in the meantime living the dream for Pieter.

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Social Media & Photography

As a professional photographer Lizette developed marketing skills and showed to really shine in social media engagement.


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