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We are hiring! - illustrator

We are looking for an illustrator for our newest game: Chateau.

All the details are listed below. If the specifics match with you, contact us!

General Information

Chateau is designed by Martin van Rossum and further developed by his company, Rolling Rhino Games. The game is going to be published by Tucker’s Fun Factory and distributed by Boosterbox. Tucker’s Fun Factory focusses on small family friendly games in the Netherlands, but they are looking to expand and make new products more widely available.


1 september – Deadline to have all art completed.

1 november – Start of manufacturing.

mid december – Shipping from China.

early februari 2023 – Chateau is released!

The Product

In Chateau the players will build castles by puzzling polyomino shapes into a grid. That grid however is different for each player and represents a famous chateau, castle, fort or palace. Think of famous landmarks like Neuschwanstein, Alhambra and Versailles.

Chateau is a roll & write game. It has about the same number of components as others in this genre. The box is a sliding box, opening on the side. 


What we are looking for:

Board Game Cover (1x)

The cover is extremely important. When sharing your portfolio we’d love to see art that fits in the direction we want to take Chateau. The cover should be very colourful and attract younger players as well as adults. It’s a family game that’s easy to pick up but also allows some depth and historical buildings. We want one (or two) character in the front, as the avatar of the game. This character is holding a map or blueprint and should look like a medieval builder or architect. At the back Neuschwanstein is under construction, partially completed. Here are some examples that came to mind. A strong avatar and bright colours are the two key elements we are looking for.

550x550 (1).jpg

Chateau Backgrounds (20x) 

The player boards have a chateau printed on each side. Each chateau consists of a grid based on the actual blueprint of the building. As the grid represent the building, the area around it represents the environment of the building. We would like to make these very colourful but also accurate. Example: Neuschwanstein is build on a steep cliff, so we’de like to see this cliff around the grid. Other chateau’s are surrounded by water or trees. Each one is going to be different. These backgrounds don’t require a lot of detail as it shouldn’t distract from the grid and the other information on the player boards.

Example: image 1 prototype player board, image 2 illustrated background. 


Icons (20x) 

The chateau’s will contain a few icons. The game comes with two custom dice which also require icons. Some special abilities of chateau’s also require icons. All of these are going to be fairly small and need to be simple and practical to enhance the player’s experience of the game. Examples can be found in the player board prototype above.

Who we are looking for:

  • Availability in June and juli. The bulk of the work should be done in that period. 

  • Creative thinking, motivated and open to feedback.

  • Communication is key in creating the assets quickly and preventing to many revisions. We’d like to call regularly and value clear communication. What timezone you are based in is not important as long as you are flexible. Our timezone: the Netherlands GMT+1


The budget for the assets listed above is €1000,-.

This includes all assets in high quality and revisions.

Sharing your portfolio

We've created this page to inform you on the project before you share your portfolio. We would love to hear more than just a portfoliolink. Perhaps you have ideas or portfolio work that fits this project. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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